2022 Maserati GranTurismo will be a Hybrid or Fully Electric Model

June 22nd, 2020 by

It’s not exactly easy to believe that an electric model of a car could be faster and better at accelerating than its combustion-based counterpart.

Still, Maserati is setting out to inspire those to believe in the electric model superiority. The GranTurismo is meant to be the pioneer in Maserati’s foray into the electronic car game and is the first Maserati brand to become an electric model.

Not a Noiseless Engine

One issue that electric cars face is the proposal that they need to produce enough noise similar to combustion vehicles to avoid pedestrian-based accidents due to the car not being heard. Maserati has been working to make sure the noise produced by the electric Gran Turismo is one that can not only be heard for pedestrian safety but one that can be attributed to the Maserati sound group by noise alone. With the rise of electric vehicles, it is good to see that Maserati is considering all benefits and potential issues that can be caused by them. Maserati will retroactively improve the world of electric cars well before the release of the physical models can receive any criticism for not being pedestrian-friendly.

GranTurismo: Combustion, Hybrid, Electric, Open Roof

The GranTurismo is looking to hit all three car types with its coming releases. Not only is there going to be a combustion model, but also a hybrid one, and an all-electric one. The hybrid and electric models are calculated to be heavier than the combustion model, based on the weight of the electrical technology inclusion. Each model will come with a fixed roof as well as an open roof. These choices in design and technology offer a wide range of options for the diverse fans of the GranTurismo and should see a boost in sales for Maserati as they look to recover from the low numbers brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gran Carbino

The GranTurismo’s convertible brother, the Gran Carbino, is set to make a comeback in 2022 to offer yet another choice for Maserati’s consumers. It will feature both hard and soft top variations for the roofing. The Gran Carbino is also set to have hybrid and electric variants as well as the base combustion engine models and leads fans of the GranTurismo to see exponential growth in choices, come the next few years.

Ashes of the Alfieri

The 2017 concept model for the Alfieri was dumped, or more accurately, it may have been recycled. The 2022 GranTurismo is meant to be inspired and attributed to being a design directly made from the render of the 2017 Alfieri. For those who were deeply in love with the 2017 design, consider the new GranTurismo’s model on release and weigh the features as to whether the GranTurismo is the phoenix that rose from the 2017 Alfieri’s fiery ashes.

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