Elevate your Maserati Ownership: The Maserati Club

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Are you a supercar fan and own a Maserati?

If you answered yes, then read on further, for this might help elevate your status symbol as a Maserati owner and help discover new avenues that support your ownership, operation, preservation, and a lot more. The Maserati Club is a not for profit organization where members unite as part of a team called chapters which are controlled and managed by the team members, by electing their presidents, scheduling their events; and some of the chapters even go to the extent of releasing their monthly newsletter.

Elevate your Maserati Ownership: The Maserati Club

The Maserati Club

These members are journalists, enthusiasts, collectors, and of course, race drivers who follow the goals of TMC with dedication and passion. It is also within the TMC’s interest that Maserati owners are welcome to join the club from any part of the world. Check out the goals below.

  • Assist members in locating service centers, parts, or even finding a Maserati.
  • Act as a resource of information for members like Tech Data, Maserati news, and even history.
  • Increase awareness about the “House of Trident.”
  • Encourage a camaraderie organized by enthusiasts.
  • Become an inspiration for other owners to operate, preserve, and restore Maserati automobiles.

How to create a chapter of TMC

If you are in a country where a chapter hasn’t been formed, or there isn’t one available for you to join, TMC will consider creating a chapter where the local participation has been waiting and will sustain the organization. There are over 50 Maserati events that happen annually throughout the world. Find out if there are any local chapters available nearby that you can connect with to enjoy a fun-filled membership that is event-driven, and If you were seeking to drive, make the most of your Maseratis or maybe even learn about its traditions, extensive history, and soul.

How The Maserati Club Found Its Start

The membership isn’t a boring club where you only meet to connect with people and learn stuff. Still, it’s about enjoyment with other Maserati owners who love to do scenic drives, participate in various auto shows, charitable occasions, and others that are more fun-driven. One such example of a chapter is the Eastern chapter, which got founded originally in 1987, known as East Coast Maserati Club, which later on merged with few other clubs and turned into “The Maserati Club”.

International and National Chapters of TMC

When the club was formed as TMC, some countries that were a part of it are South Africa, Hungary, Italy, and others. Other than countries, some states like WV, WI, VT, VA, RI, PA, OH, NY, NJ, NH, NE, MD, MA, IN, IL, DE, DC, and CT are represented. The international board of directors was created by TMC to manage the club. Each chapter has a representative assigned by and for the members in a particular chapter. All members are entitled to an equal voice in club affairs, and the only influence made by the international board members is when it could affect all the chapters. So, if you’re one of those actively looking for a group like TMC, then this what you were seeking.

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