After the MC20, a new Granturismo, Levante, Quattroporte and a “BMW X4 rival” are coming

June 18th, 2020 by

New Maserati models are coming, and the inclusion of electric hybridity and self-automated features is on the list of things to expect.

Although not all will have electric powertrain upon launch, changes to the models are expected to guide the future of Maserati in the hybrid field. Covid-19 has led to delays regarding the newest reveals that were scheduled to come out at the beginning of the summer, but the delays are only that. Cancellations have been avoided as the new Maserati models continue to garner speculation as well as hype for their reveals.


The Coronavirus has shifted plans to reveal the MC20 back to September, and the initial model reversal will be a combustion engine, with electric cars soon to follow. An MC20 convertible is also scheduled to be released in 2021. The MC20’s hybrid design seeks to maintain both reliable horsepower, within the realm of 600, and also limit its carbon footprint to be in line with the European Union requirements.

Gran Turismo

An incoming Gran Turismo in 2021, as well as a drop-top Gran Cabrio in 2022, are expected to have electric car siblings released after their initial combustion debuts. Specifics on both models are still up in the air. The last production of the Gran Turismo was late 2019, and its expected revitalization in 2021 is no doubt one being waited on with bated breath. Seeing Gran Turismo also receive an electric variant is an exciting prospect given how well known and widely owned the name is.

New Maserati Models: Ghibli, Quattroporte, and Levante SUV

The Ghibli will be the forerunner for Maserati’s production of plug-in hybrid vehicles. Engine specifications regarding the Ghibli are not known, but the exterior and interior appearance are said to be receiving some modifications for the coming model. The Quattroporte will receive a shirking with the newest model, so as not to supplant the Ghibli’s position. A sub-Levante to rival the BMW X4 is said to be in the works and meant to house an electric powertrain.

Sales Numbers and 2022 Plans

Maserati has reportedly not been hitting the target for sales, which is no surprise, as thousands of companies are experiencing rough first quarters due to the global pandemic and delay of production and sales caused by Coronavirus. They are eager to roll out these new models to revitalize the company and produce numbers that hit their marks. Their current goal is to see three times as many sales by the end of 2022, and if the introduction of these new Maserati models is positively received, that goal could potentially be met. Due to the current medical emergency, Maserati will have to continue to play it by ear, if they can hear whatever it is over the sound of their top of the line cars purring, anxiously awaiting release to the world.

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