How Does a Hybrid Car Work?

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They’ve been around for a long while, but hybrid cars are appearing more and more around Great Neck more and more. As a result, multiple Plainview customers customers have asked us one version or another of the following question:



What is a hybrid car and how does it work?

As hybrid vehicle tech has continued to evolve in recent years, the question, “How do hybrid cars work?” is multifaceted. Increasingly affordable and worthy of consideration, how hybrid cars work is an important element for newcomers. Maserati of Long Island has put together a guide discussing the world of hybrid and even plug-in electric vehicles for our customers. Read on to learn more and call us at 516-671-7575 or online to schedule a test drive.

Parallel Hybrid vs. Series Hybrid Vehicles

So how do hybrid cars work? How does a hybrid engine work? Well, the first thing to note is the reason many buy them: improved fuel economy and superior fuel efficiency around Jericho. Let’s get the matter at hand, “How hybrid cars work?”

Under the hood, a hybrid vehicle has two power sources, a traditional internal combustion engine, and an electric battery. In hybrid vehicle systems, these two work in concert to minimize fuel consumption. Yet “what is a hybrid car and how does it work?” is a lot more complicated than this description.

Parallel Hybrid

When you see hybrid cars around Plainview, this is the most common version on the roads. Known as “Parallel Hybrids,” both the electric motor and traditional gas engine are connected to the transmission. Of course, hybrid cars may include a manual, automatic or CVT system, this depends on the make and model. Both engines work in confusions by blending both power sources together.

Series Hybrid

In contrast, “Series Hybrids” also feature an electric motor in conjunction with a gas engine. However in these models, only the electric motor is paired with the vehicle’s transmission. Within these cars, the electric motor is the only powersource and the gas engine acts as a generator for the electric motor.

How Do Hybrid Cars Work Compared to Plug-In Electric Vehicles?

So we’ve summarized how hybrid cars in Plainview, but what about plug-in electric vehicles? The truth is these are two distinct categories, hybrid vs. plug-in electric vehicles. How do they differ?

Hybrid vehicles run on the fusion of a gas engine and an electric battery, whereas EVs will use only electric power. In recent years, automakers have blurred the lines between these so much that it’s becoming downright confusing. Some carmakers now make “Plug-in Hybrids” which not only combine the benefits of both, but also blur those lines further. These benefits involve:

  • Increased battery packs mean plug-in hybrid vehicles go further on electric power alone.
  • For shorter distances around Jericho, you’ll be able to use a plug-in hybrid in the same manner as an electric vehicle, relying on pure electric power all day, while recharging at night.
  • If you’re heading on a longer road trip outside of Great Neck, you need to remember your vehicle’s electric driving range. You’ll be able to fill up on gasoline much in the same manner as a conventional powertrain.
  • As they don’t rely solely on electricity, hybrid plug-in vehicles will take between 60 minutes and 4 hours to fully charge.

Discover Hybrid Cars in Plainview With Maserati of Long Island

Now that you understand “How do hybrid cars work?,” it’s time for a test drive. While you’re browsing our inventory, consider our New Vehicle Specials and see if you can save more money on your preferred option. If you want to see which hybrid is ideal, you can use our Vehicle Finder Service for more information. For more unique topics, including “Where is Maserati made?,” we’ve got some unique pieces on our website. Experience a Maserati Hybrid in person at Maserati of Long Island. See you shortly!


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