Our new Maserati models have been in development since 1914

The legendary Maserati automotive enterprise began in the mind of a humble Italian railroad worker, Rodolfo Maserati. He bequeathed his early tinkering and precise engineering strengths to his children. In 1914, three Maserati brothers opened the doors of the first Maserati production facility in Bologna. By 1926, the brothers had built racing cars that were turning heads and breaking records. By 1937, they were winning at Indy.

Maserati introduced their first non-racing car in 1947, the A6 1500, and it created a global wave of excitement. The initial Quattroporte model took its first bow in 1963 as Maserati began selling luxury sedans. The new Maserati models we sell to our friends in communities like Huntington and Oyster Bay NY represent a masterful blend of luxury and performance. Below are noteworthy examples of how the Maserati legend lives on.

The new Maserati Ghibli at Maserati Long Island

The newest Maserati Ghibli earns unrestrained superlatives from the automotive critics with its contemporary yet classic Italian design. You can hear the echoes of the Maserati racing heritage even in its base level 345-horsepower V6 engine. That same engine rises to 424 horsepower in higher trims. What can Maserati do with a V8? Is it possible that the 580 horsepower that emanates from the twin-turbo V8 might just make your day?

The new Maserati Ghibli won't bore you with four-cylinder options since it doesn't have any. The lineup has been simplified to three powerful trims. We suspect many of our customers in nearby communities like Great Neck and New York City will find the Modena model represents an appealing value with its standard 424-horsepower V6 while much of its beautiful interior is graced with genuine leather upholstery.

The new Maserati Quattroporte at Maserati Long Island

Italian sports car afficianados will not be expecting a new Maserati to blend into the woodwork and the new Quattroporte won't disappoint them. The newest rendition of the Quattroporte has the kind of handsomely-sculpted, world-class design that makes competitors like BMW and Mercedes-Benz go back to the drawing board.

Like the new Ghibli, the Maserati Quattroporte leads with a formidable 345-horsepower V6 and then keeps elevating until it reaches the top-tier Trofeo with its 580-horsepower V8. Car & Driver editors recall testing the Quattroporte V8 in 2014 and watching it roar out to 60 mph in just over four seconds. Understandably, automotive analysts expect even more fireworks from the Quattroporte this year.

The new Maserati Levante at Maserati Long Island

For 2022, the newest Maserati Levante is so unapologetically elegant you might assume this luxury SUV belongs at the country club and never at the racetrack. But that would be before you took this audacious new Maserati out for a test drive. While luxury competitors start engine choices at four cylinders, the new Levante begins with a twin-turbo V6 and finishes with a ferocious V8. So much for the country club.

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