Why Maserati Is Synonymous with Luxury: What You Need to Know

July 9th, 2019 by

Maserati Interior

Maserati is often referred to as one of the top luxury car brands in history. Auto enthusiasts the world over immediately associate this brand with a driving experience that they couldn’t possibly get from any other company. However, it’s easy to focus so much on Maserati’s status as a luxury car brand that you forget to ask what that actually means. Why is owning and driving a Maserati a more “luxurious” experience than owning and driving any other car?

The answer to that question could vary from one model to the next. Each Maserati is unique, and you can’t select one to represent the entire brand. That said, there are certain general principles that Maserati’s engineers and designers adhere to on a consistent basis. The following points will help you to better understand what they are and how they’ve made the Maserati name synonymous with luxury for over a century.

Gorgeous Design

Maserati creates luxury vehicles with practicality in mind. It’s the reason why Maserati’s engineers focus on making cars that perform impressively under a variety of conditions. That’s not to say practicality is the only factor that Maserati’s team considers. The brand has frequently celebrated art to the same degree that it celebrates engineering. This value is on full display whenever you look at a Maserati. The cars are designed to stand out on the road. While their basic function may be transportation, they are also attractive works of art. That’s a key difference between a typical car and a genuine luxury vehicle.

Stunning Interiors

Attention to detail is crucial at Maserati. The teams behind these vehicles knows that a gorgeous exterior isn’t enough. The interior must be equally impressive. Luckily, in a Maserati, it always is. Again, the specific qualities of one model will be differ from those of another. That’s a good thing. The designers at Maserati realize that one size does not fit all. To offer true luxury, they must ensure that each model stands on its own. That’s why it’s important to consider your options when choosing a Maserati. Spend some time in the interior of several different vehicles to find one that fits your taste.

You’ll certainly notice differences from one model to the next. However, you’ll also notice some basic similarities. The seats and various other interior components will be made with high-quality, comfortable materials. The stitching will embody master craftsmanship. The dashboard will display all necessary information clearly, without sacrificing artistry. In newer models, you’ll often find that the vehicles are equipped with technology that’s not yet commonly available in most other consumer cars. This is yet another way in which driving a Maserati becomes a true luxury experience. The interior is simply designed to look attractive, feel comfortable, and deliver unparalleled convenience.

Smooth Performance

You already know that Maserati vehicles perform well on the road. That’s not an accident. When the company first started, its engineers focused exclusively on creating vehicles for race car drivers. Although that business model changed, the goal of making cars that meet race car driver standards has never gone away. That said, the average person doesn’t simply need a vehicle that accelerates quickly and handles hairpin turns. Unless you’re taking the vehicle out on the track, those aren’t the kinds of features you benefit most from on a regular basis.

Luckily, Maserati cars also tend to be very smooth and quiet. This may seem like a minor detail, but it can actually make a substantial difference. The quiet hum of the engine, combined with the vehicle’s overall smooth handling, further contributes to a driver’s comfort. Even if you’re simply taking your Maserati into town to run a few mundane errands, these small details can turn any task into a luxury experience.

Own a Classic

While cars are generally known to depreciate over the years, Maserati is somewhat unique in this respect. While you shouldn’t purchase one expecting that it will increase in value, you should understand that Maserati vehicles often become much sought-after collectors’ items after the company halts production on a model. This is a key trait that distinguishes a luxury vehicle from others. A Maserati is more than a practical means of reaching your destination. It’s a symbol of the value that have contributed to Maserati’s stellar reputation over the years. It’s also a symbol that you can own.

Of course, the best way to understand why Maserati embodies luxury is one of the simplest: test one out for yourself. You’ll quickly see why the brand is so famous.

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